Avoid Writing The “No-News Release”

Appeared in PR Tactics Newspaper (U.S)

It was the first day of a writing workshop for a group of agency consultants. We finally got around to the litmus-test — the news release. I handed out a page filled with excerpts from all the releases they had submitted earlier and asked for rewrites. But with news, not hype. There’s a big difference and any journalist can see it immediately….


If the NHL is looking to expand its franchise to a desert, why not Saudi Arabia?

Published in National Post | July 10, 2015

The National Hockey League is now accepting applications for new franchises, and while NHL Czar-Commissioner Gary Bettman says this doesn’t mean the league is expanding, it’s no secret they have their eye on that hockey hotbed of Las Vegas in the Nevada desert. This is a huge mistake…


If you award the World Cup to corrupt countries, you get corruption. What did FIFA expect?

Published in National Post | June 1, 2015

Those who investigate corruption in the course of their work — police, lawyers, journalists — are probably not shocked with the news that nine senior officials of FIFA, the top governing body of the world’s most popular sport, face numerous charges…